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About Me – Kathie Rampton    (Rockwood, McMillen)

I am not special.  But I have had a variety of experiences.  Which are as interesting as a good book or a mediocre movie.  As have you.  I laugh at myself a lot.  Some of the experiences were caused by me, others just fell in my lap because I happened to be sitting under the wrong tree.  I have also felt buried under a dark cloud at times, but I won’t tell much about that.

I want your story,  Everyone has a compelling story.  Yours would make me laugh or cry or both.  I will give you my stories here, and ask that you send me yours.  How vibrant life is.  And how brief.  To me the value of life is the connecting….and one way is through our stories.  I still want to learn so much, to feel so much, to see so much more – to live more stories.

WHY A BLOG?  (why not?)

This blog will begin with the 25 chapters of the true story of the year I took my children, ages 5 to 15 to live on the island of Crete.  After that I will tell about the more unusual experiences I have had travelling – the way I do it…On a dime…Taking care of other people’s animals in off the beaten paths in romantic countries.  I will also tell about some of the other unusual experiences I have had;  watching my 15 year old son falling off a 150 foot cliff and being trapped in the canyon below, hurt but alive; hitch hiking around Europe alone at age 21: seeing the Queen of England in person, at a distance of 30 feet as she walked down the aisle in Westminster Abbey; having a renter die in my basement and not be discovered until 5 days later, 

It should be a fun journey, and when I run out of all of the stories, I will share what I have learned about being a grandparent…and the creative ways I have developed to endear ourselves to each other.

Facts:  Born in Bountiful, Utah

Educated:  Bountiful High School,  Sir Wilfred Martineau School, Birmingham, England; University of Utah: Yale University, Intensive Chinese; University of Vienna, Intensive German, University of Phoenix, MBA

Work:  Pan American Airlines, Flight attendant; University of Utah, Fund Raiser; Piano Teacher, Vocal Instructor; mother

Children:  4 boys, 2 girls


I have never had a healthy sense of fear.  I open my arms to opportunities, and have found that I stumble upon incredible experiences.

I was born in Bountiful, Utah, the oldest of 7 children.  I entered this world with a passion for other people and other places.  At 17 I spent a year in England as an exchange student.  I returned home, and out of eagerness to go back to Europe I doubled up on University classes and graduated from the University of Utah in two years.

I hitchiked around Europe, returned home and became a stewardess for Pan American Airways so I could continue with my drug of choice: experiencing other people and places.  I flew internationally for seven years, and quit only when I had my second child and found travelling wasn’t as important as raising children.

Children grown, I have continued learning, have travelled and done  “pet sitting” for animal owners in France, Spain and Italy, caring for dogs, cats, chickens, a pig, goats, ponies, hamsters and a donkey.  I have written extensively about these experiences, and send them to interested friends who praise my writing!

I have had several vocations, but at the present I teach private piano and vocal lessons, and have worked in the music programs in local schools.  I have 17 grandchildren whom I adore and have folders of creative activities that I do with these children.  Enough to start a blog.  I have created a wonderful playground in my backyard and am passionate about gardening, performing, writing, and learning “people.”